Bees and bombus are working.

Bees and bombus are working.

Bees and bombus contribute to the pollination of many crops, including blueberries, which depend on pollination to produce large berries.

Bees collect pollen and nectar from blueberry flowers and move the pollen as they fly from flower to flower.

Roughly around 35% of crops globally currently depend on pollination.
Whether through insects, animals, wind or water, with direct or cross pollination, natural or artificial, around 70% of crops improve their production thanks to this process.

The use of bee hives inside crops has a positive influence on the estimated yield of blueberries, with yield increases of up to 40%.

In addition to honey and wax, bees produce a good number of products that are desired by the market. Among them we have pollen, propolis and royal jelly
At Trucao Berries we have been working with our friends, bees and bumblebees/Bombus, for more than 30 years.

They are incredible animals, they are concerned with exchanging pollen between flowers, they have the objective of reproduction, it is a fundamental process for the maintenance of life on earth.A more profitable production and a quality fruit.


The queen bee lays her eggs which develop as queens, drones, and workers. Queens are usually raised, if a colony is preparing to swarm; if the colony is replacing its queen, or if the colony is suddenly queenless. There is normally only one queen per colony. Most of the bees in the colony are workers (sterile females).

Worker bees take on different tasks as they age. Younger worker bees clean cells, feed the queen, produce wax for the comb, and feed developing larvae, while older bees become foragers, bringing pollen, nectar, tree resin, and water. back to the hive.

Younger bees and developing brood depend on the nectar and pollen that foraging or foraging bees bring to the hive. Male or drone bees try to mate with young queen bees from other colonies. These make up about 5-20% of the colony population from spring to fall, and before winter, the workers drive the drones out.