About Trucao Berries

Our Blueberries

We are specialized Blueberry producers of the desirable Highbush Variety. Our Blueberries are juicy, large and delicious.
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Our Farm

We are a second-generation family farm with decades of trajectory. We are proud of our privileged location and our certifications.
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Our Exporter

We are premium exporters focusing on the highly competitive and demanding markets in Asia, the Americas and Europe.
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The Trucao Difference

The purity of our blueberries comes from the Chilean Patagonia, assuring us the best quality for the most demanding markets of the world and offering extended seasons of production.

Highest Quality

We are located in a very special area of Chile that offers the purest waters in the world from the Patagonia and an extended production season.

Growers and Exporters

In addition to being blueberry growers, we also are own our exporters. This allows us to be able to reach the farthest markets.

Quality & Conditions

We are able to offer the highest qualities and conditions for even the most demanding markets, being able to cool and store our fruit in less than an hour after being harvested.

Specialized Packaging

We have the latest specialized packaging technology ensuring that we deliver the highest quality Blueberries under the best conditions.

Trucao Berry Class