Our Farm

Our History

We’re a second generation family fruit farm.

Trucao Farms was founded over 30 years ago when our family decided to invest in land in southern Chile. In the beginning the land was used as a dairy and meat farm. Over time and thanks to the futuristic vision of Cristian Díaz V., founder and head of the family, the decision was made to venture into the fresh fruit business. At that time in southern Chile, very few had dared to grow blueberries, a fruit then nearly unknown to the habitants. The special climate of this area of the Patagonia proved to be optimal for growing highbush blueberries.

Today, we are a team with years of dedication, work and passion. We have the experience necessary to face this dynamic and competitive business.



Being in our privileged location offers us excellent climate and extremely pure water. In addition, our farm is within close proximity of a town with a great wealth of human labor. We collaborate with plant specialists and in certain circumstances train our staff abroad in the USA among other countries.


We care about maintaining a satisfactory and healthy community around our family business. The most important thing is the way we treat our collaborators and clients and how we relate to each other.

Our Location

The Southern Chilean Patagonia

Trucao Farms is located in the best area of the beautiful Chilean Patagonia, between the two small towns of Purranque and Río Negro, in the middle of romantic rural roads that go through a magical landscape of soft hills. It is here that our family has developed our dream for several generations.


We are able to offer extended production periods due to having the Andean mountain range on one side and the coast on the other. The best thing is that our crops are irrigated with one of the cleanest and most transparent waters in the world, obtained from volcanoes.


We’re proud to be certified.

We are proud to be a Good Place to Work, concerned about forming strong ties with our team and offering development opportunities to everyone who joins our “employee network”, from harvester to manager.


A flat administrative structure and the willingness to encourage personal development are the two main ingredients that allow each team member to work in a position when they can fully develop their potential.


We have a permanent staff of 100 employees. In the harvest season we increase that number to nearly 1,000 employees, offering a meaningful integration with the local communities.