Our Blueberries

Trucao Blueberries


The Unique Aspects

Naturally protected valleys with pure Andean mountain waters and organic soil are some of the reasons why our blueberries are so coveted.


Highbush Varieties

We stay at the forefront of the market demands, making constant varietal changes in order to assure that our blueberries are able to withstand long transit times. Our blueberries have very high antioxidant levels thanks to the special geographical conditions of our orchards.

Organic and Conventional

We are able to transfer our orchards from conventional to organic following market demands.

                                                     Bombus and Bees

Our Bees and Bombus not only improve the production quantity of our blueberries, but also size and other quality factors. These provide important benefits for blueberries, including: larger berry size, quantity, size consistency, and faster-growing crops.

Availability Calendar

Our extended production period lasts from December until the month of March.

Packaging Options

We offer a variety of packing options, customizable for your specific market. Visit our exportation page to learn more.

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